About Kim Bettasso

A successful entrepreneur and financial advisor, Kimra Bettasso is among the most highly sought-after professionals in her industry. As the founder of RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit, Kim Bettasso has provided clients of the company with the kind of financial advice that leads to a secure financial future. Through her efforts in creating this company, Ms. Bettasso has made expert financial planning much more accessible and has greatly enhanced the knowledge of her client base through her educational efforts.

When she first founded RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit, Ms. Bettasso set out to not only provide access to sound financial planning strategies, but to also provide understanding on how to develop and implement those strategies. In creating individualized plans for clients, Ms. Bettasso made sure that the clients were not just benefiting from the plan that was being put into place but also from the knowledge that was being shared.

Ms. Bettasso further endeavored to offer educational opportunities on sound investment strategies by hosting a company YouTube channel that covers a broad range of topics, including asset allocation, diversification, company matching contributions, vesting and pre- and post-tax contributions. In addition to creating a multimedia platform through which clients could access this information at any time, Ms. Bettasso also made consulting services a part of the offerings provided by RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit.

The company founded by Ms. Bettasso has been an immediate success in a very competitive industry, but achievement is far from an unusual occurrence for Ms. Bettasso. Before creating RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit, Ms. Bettasso worked in a number of different positions within the investment management industry and was highly respected for her productivity in each and every role. Her reputation in the industry is beyond reproach, and Ms. Bettasso clearly has RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit set up for long-term success.