Groza Learning Center – A Great 1990’s Education Environment

Scott Groza, himself a product of the 1990’s is leading the way through his educational expertise at the GLC.  If you’re looking to help your child start the new school year off right, the Groza Learning Center is here to help!

At the Groza Learning Center, we will help your child learn while having fun. We believe that in order for your child to succeed with the highest academic standard, they must be in a proactive and enjoyable learning atmosphere.

Most of our programs include several diagnosis tests, which help us find your child’s strong and weak areas that they will need help with overcoming.These tests also allow us to better tutor your child and mainly target on what they should be improving on as a student.

Some of the tutu ring services we offer include everything from tutoring, reading, home school and even test preparation.

We’ve been in the tutoring business since the year 2012. During our time, we have successfully expanded our learning center from our previous location and have recently relocated to a brand new, world-class faculty that offers even more learning services.

Our facility offers everything from small classrooms, enclosed tutoring rooms and even hand-crafted one-on-one retreat rooms, which allow our students to relax in our cozy log cabin in front of the fire. Feel free to give us a call today and help your child be at the top of their class!