What Are The Benefits of Music Education?

It helps to enroll your child to a music school if you can detect signs he/she is into music. Talent is not the only thing your child needs to succeed in life as this in most cases accounts for about 10 percent. The effort and work your child puts into converting this talent to something big is what matters most, and this is the reason any child who is talented in music should be enrolled to a music school. But that is besides the point and you might note that music education is not only meant for those who look forward to become famous artists, but it has its own benefits that Martin J. Stallone, a music expert, explains about.

Language development

One of the biggest breakthroughs of music on children aged between two years and nine is that they gain a lot in language development. Language is important in this stage and when you offer music education to your children you help them prepare to decode sounds and enhance their natural abilities. Although language is an inborn capacity, it needs to be reinforced, celebrated, and practiced, so music is one of the best ways you could help strengthen the language of your child. Music is also socially advantageous as it also enhances the capacity to be verbally competent.

Enhances IQ

According to a study conducted by Glenn Schellenberg published in Psychological Science in 2004, it was established that there was a slight increase in IQ among children who took weekly piano and voice lessons. Those given music lessons according to the study tested about three points above the rest of the group, so when you enroll your child to a music school you are helping to build his/her IQ, which is a developmental necessity that ensures your child enjoys a smooth process while learning other things.

Better test scores

Other studies have shown that students in elementary school who are enrolled to a music education program scored at least 22 percent more than their counterparts in standardized tests. This study also pointed out that the quality of the music provided also affected the abilities of the child as those in schools whose music lessons were not quality were lagging behind those enrolled to schools with quality music education. One of the things brought out by these studies is that music calls for concentration, which is also what standardized tests demand, so by enrolling your children to a music school you are helping them acquire useful concentration skills.

Spatial-temporal skills

There is a link between music and spatial intelligence. Marty Stallone points out that this connection helps one to have a good understanding of visualization so they are able to see different elements that are supposed to go together. Such skills are useful when dealing with multistep problems as they help one to have a good attention to every step and maintain focus on solving the problem. It is particularly a necessary trait for one to excel in mathematics and other subjects that require sequential tackling of problems.

Getting musical

Embracing music can also improve the abilities of your child in learning other languages. Music offers many intrinsic benefits including learning a skill, being disciplined, and enduring with the difficult process of leaning. It is important to note that with these traits it also becomes easy for the child to learn other languages. Music is also associated with happiness, so it also makes your child happy, which ensures he/she gets appetite for the things that add pleasure to his life. Making your children become more musical will give a host of benefits that will boost other skills.

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